Rodney Grod testimonial

The Struggle Juggle

We want to help. So much research points to the reality that dads are doing it tough. 

In my own experience, I know the struggle of the juggle – a new baby, a healthy relationship with my wife, finding time to see my friends and managing different projects at work.

The struggle juggle highlighted the importance of building a solid lifestyle program to keep me on track with my health. Thankfully, as a health professional, I was fully equipped with the knowledge and experience to set this up for myself to be a responsible father. When the juggle stopped being a struggle, I realised that I had actually created a bulletproof system that brings about powerful results. If it works for me, surely it will work for others too!  

Our Hero program builds from the ground up, planting solid healthy roots so it’s easy to create sustainable new habits.

As one of our Heroes, Rodney said, “Both Paul and Daniel held me accountable throughout the entire process and mentored me every step of the way. It’s refreshing to know that there are other like minded fathers out there that can give you the guidance and discipline to get your healthy lifestyle back on track! Kudos to an awesome initiative and more importantly a program that actually works.”

If you want to know more about our comprehensive health, fitness and lifestyle program Schedule a time to speak with one of our coaches today. We are not just another online exercise and weight loss program. in our fathering program, we offer real-time, face to face, customised support. We keep you accountable and make sure you reach your goals. Boom!

I must admit that I was initially motivated by numbers. But as I became more entrenched in the program, that focus quickly shifted. Although I was thrilled with my final weight loss stats, that’s not how I judge my success in the program. Instead, I judge my success by knowing that I’m happier, that I’m stronger, that I’m a better father and husband, that I’m a better me.

Ben Rood