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There’s no doubt about it. There is a a seismic shift in the expectations of employees. The employment landscape is changing and employees are gravitating towards the companies that will support them with more than simply paying their wage.
Having a tailored Health and Wellness program created to suit your organisation can help employees feel supported. Better yet, the outcomes will be good for your bottom line too. According to a Comcare report released as far back as 2010, the numerous benefits of health and wellbeing programs for corporates include:

There’s no question you need a health and wellness program. There is a question of how and who. HERO delivers tailor-made progams for corporates across four pillars:

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Our program uses an easy 4-step process to ensure we meet the needs of your organisation, your teams and the individuals within them:

01 Mapping your goals and objectives

Creating a clear path and plan to make real change with your team.

02 Team Engagement

Creating a combination of worshops, seminars and group trainings for your team to learn.

03 Closing the loop at home

With our hero app all participants have the opportunity to continue their education, growth and fitness journey with access to a dedicated coach through the hero app.

04 Understanding your needs

Click on “Contact Us” so we get a full understanding of where your company is at and what you need. From there we’ll be able to create a customised program for your organisation.

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Meet the demand for a family-friendly workplace

Now more than ever before, more and more parents are needing to work and there is a growing number of households where both parents work. Add to that the statistics that 7 out of 10 parents are simply not coping with work demands and 1 in 3 are thinking of leaving their current employer, and you have a growing issue that needs more focus.

What does it mean?

Companies need to start focusing on creating supportive and family-friendly workplaces to help attract and retain the large percentage of the workforce who are parents. There are great gains to be made by placing a focus on the working parents in your organisation.

A new report by UNICEF Australia and Parents At Work, Bridging the Work and Family Divide, has identified the benefits of supporting parents at work. “A Family Friendly Workplace culture positively impacts the quality of work-life for every Australian and contributes to the wider health and wellbeing of our society and economy; increasing productivity and reducing stress, absenteeism, and gender inequality.

Designing and delivering Health & Wellness Programs for parents

Hero offers tailored health and wellness programs, workshops, and seminars for corporates who are looking to up their game in this area while benefitting from having a healthier, happier, more productive and resilient workforce.

Whether you have employees that are feeling the effects of stress, or parents returning from parental leave, or who are struggling to juggle, maxing out their carer or sick leave; creating a support mechanism for them at work will help improve both their mental and physical health leading to better performance at work. 

Our Health and Wellness programs are tailored to the needs of your organisation (teams and individuals) and cover important areas such as improving mental health, building resilience and improving focus and performance. Programs can include both an in-person focus as well as at-home support through our HERO app.

Improve your bottom line through health & wellness

If you are ready to give your organisation the edge while improving productivity, reducing absenteeism and presenteeism, and improving the desirability of working with you, call HERO Life. We’ll help you create Health & wellness programs, seminars and workshops that support your teams and working parents.