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Health & Fitness for busy mums and dads

Nothing really prepares you for becoming a parent or managing life afterwards. It’s so easy to get lost in the giving that you forget yourself. We all know that feeling.

We also know the power of putting yourself first. It’s the analogy of the oxygen mask – you need to put yours on first in order to be there to put the mask on your kids and those around you. By putting your emotional and mental health first, you empower yourself to be the HERO your kids think you are. You can be happier, more present, more efficient at home and at work when you look after you first.

HERO Program for busy mum and dad

How do you squeeze time in a busy day to look after yourself?

It’s easier than you think! Paul has firsthand experience in creating a program that works into your busy schedule, that doesn’t require calorie counting or hours at the gym.

We are here to support you, the busy mums and dads, to build healthy habits into your lifestyle so that taking care of yourself can become an easy and natural part of your day. That’s why we’re here, that’s what HERO is for. HERO is really a self-development program disguised as a health and fitness program and it’s here to help you do and be better.

With HERO by your side. We’ll coach you, guide you, and train you so you have the mental and physical resilience and health you need to be the best parent you can for your little ones (whether you’re a mum or a dad). Even more important, we’ll help ensure you don’t lose your individuality to parenthood.

You choose the Hero journey

Changing your life with the help of Hero starts with you choosing the type of journey you think will work best for you…

Online Hero Foundations Program


Work one-on-one with our coach to develop life-changing habits with ease.

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Work the program through our Hero app with our coach in your packet.

Hybrid Setup | Your Hero Life


The best of both worlds – seeing your coach in-person and having him right there in your pocket for the in-between times.

Online Hero Foundations Program


If you you’re looking for something for your team, then our Hero Corporate Service will be just right for you.

Get started today with your free assessment

The best way to work out if our program is right for you is to take advantage of our free assessment. Together we’ll review your goals, find some quick wins and ideas, and make sure we’re a good fit.

The HERO Program is here to help you

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Improve your physical and mental health
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Build better habits
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Create a healthy lifestyle including exercise & nutrition
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Have support and accoutability

Join the proven system that gets results

Long-term sustainable action requires a different approach. At HERO, we concentrate on helping parents – busy mums and dads – to develop an achievable habit structure that is sustainable over the long-term. So you can be happier and healthier without the ups and downs of typical health and fitness or weight loss programs, and you can put that newfound energy into better supporting your children.

The HERO Program starts with a FREE discovery call where we discuss your lifestyle and identify how to create a sustainable habit of change, we may even be able to identify a few quick wins for you before we even get started. Best of all, the program can be done anywhere, anytime that works for you.

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Giving you hands-on support in real time to make sustainable changes

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A holistic program encompassing exercise, nutrition & lifestyle

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A safe space to express yourself and grow as a person

Your HERO Life Program

How the HERO Program works

Each program is tailored to the individual so that it works with you to create the energy and momentum you want and to support where you’re at in your parenting journey.

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Get your FREE Assessment

Your journey will start with a FREE assessment in which we’ll review where you are at now and what steps can be taken to help you to reach your health goals.

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Choose your program - virtual, in-person or at work, or hybrid

If you’re ready to transform your life with our help, we’ll identify how to make the program work best for you.

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Identify the easy wins and get some runs on the board

Get inspiration and momentum is to find your quick wins and implement them first.

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Get moving by building exercise into your routine

We’ll create exercise or movement activities that fit well into your schedule and lifestyle.

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Focus on nutrition to build healthier eating habits

Together we’ll help you to build healthy eating habits without the restrictions and calory counting that typically come with dieting.

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Create a supportive lifestyle with healthy routines and habits

The best way to help you gain and keep the body and lifestyle you want, is to build them into your routines and habits.

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Maintain and sustain

Once you’ve built your new habits and routines into your life, maintaining and sustaining them becomes easy as!


Stay connected through our HERO App

Join the HERO program virtually, keep momentum, and maintain your bespoke health and fitness program with our HERO app. The app will have your tailored weekly exercise program uploaded and will also offer our strategies for creating a sustainable and healthy lifestyle through guided video tutorials.
Your Hero Life app - Hero App


Mobile & In-home personal training and health coaching

Whether you’re a mum, a dad, or a group or community, our HERO personal trainers will come to you. We’ve found that in-home personal training can come with a heap of benefits. Your program will be supported by our HERO app to help you create and maintain momentum.


Corporate Health & Wellness Programs

Employers hold great power over the quality of life their employees lead. With more than half the Australian workforce comprising of parents, there are great gains to be made both for your company, the broader community, and economy by building support for parents into your health and wellbeing programs. Research indicates creating a Family Friendly Workplace will increase productivity and reduce stress, absenteeism and gender inequality.

Your Hero Life offers bespoke health and wellness programs, workshops, and seminars for corporates who want the benefits of a healthier, happier, more productive and resilient workforce.

Are you ready for a happier healthier life for you and your family?

Your Hero Life offers bespoke health and wellness programs, workshops, and seminars for corporates who want the benefits of a healthier, happier, more productive and resilient workforce.