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Online Hero Foundations Program
Online Hero Foundations Program
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Online Hero Foundations Program
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Becoming a parent changes you. It changes your life. While you have a new focus, that focus often comes at a cost to yourself.

Parents will often lose themselves in the caring and giving of parenting – you might not even notice it happening – but like the oxygen mask on the plane, you need to put your needs higher on the priority list in order to give your children the best support you can. So, how do you do that? 

With HERO by your side. We’ll coach you, guide you, and train you so you have the mental and physical resilience and health you need to be the best parent you can for your little ones (whether you’re a mum or a dad). Even more important, we’ll help ensure you don’t lose your individuality to parenthood.

Paul Glezer - Founder & Head Coach of Your HERO Life

The HERO Program is here to help you

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Improve your physical and mental health
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Build better habits
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Create a healthy lifestyle including exercise & nutrition
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Have support and accoutability
Paul Glezer - Head Coach

We’ll meet you where you’re at

Whether you’re a mum, a dad, or a group or community, our HERO personal trainers will come to you. We’ve found that in-home personal training can come with a heap of benefits.


We’re always with you

Keep momentum and maintain your tailored health and fitness program with our HERO app. The app will have your tailored weekly exercise program uploaded and will also offer our foundations for creating a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

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Get the most out of your working parents by helping them live better lives

Employers hold great power over the quality of life their employees lead. With more than half the Australian workforce comprising of parents, there are great gains to be made both for the company, and broader community, and economy by building support for parents into your health and wellbeing. Research indicates creating Family Friendly Workplaces increase productivity and reduce stress, absenteeism and gender inequality.

Hero offers tailored health and wellness programs, workshops, and seminars for corporates who are looking to up their game in this area while benefitting from having a healthier, happier, more productive and resilient workforce.

Your Hero Life

We’re not just another weight loss program

HERO is a lifestyle program built to help you, as a parent, to create a better life for you and your children by prioritising your health and wellbeing and building healthy habits into your life.

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