HERO Success Stories.

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Elliot Janover testimonial

Hero has taught me how to lift my energy levels, learn how to become and stay strong and provided emotional, mental and physical stability during life. Dan and Paul’s support is first class and was tailored to me. I highly recommend this program for everyone but especially people who are time poor. Thanks Dan and Paul!

Elliot Janover

Business Owner
Anthony Walker testimonial

Like a lot of dads I put my family first and let myself go. I was tired and unhappy with myself, now I have more energy, strength, and focus than in years. The Hero program is amazing! I can’t believe the results I’ve achieved with the help of Paul and Dan. I’ve lost more than 10kgs in 12 weeks and built a lot of strength. They have equiped me with the knowledge and skills to keep going.

Anthony Walker

Rodney Grod testimonial

I reached out to Paul and Daniel four months into fatherhood. My diet, exercise regime and overall healthy lifestyle was non-existent. I joined the Hero Program and reached my target goal in 6 weeks. Both Paul and Daniel held me accountable throughout the entire process and mentored me every step of the way. It’s refreshing to know that there are other like minded fathers out there that can give you the guidance and discipline to get your healthy lifestyle back on track!

Rodney Grof

Simon Olenski testimonial

Hero came to me at the perfect time in my life. I have taken away many positive lessons from my time with Paul and Dan.

1. “It is ok to ask for help” – I find the more I ask for help, the more I grow.

2. “Just keep moving” – famous words from Dan and Paul, yet so simple and my body has never been happier.

3. “You can always find 10-20 minutes” – again, this realisation came as a revelation to me.”

Simon Olenski

Rodney Seidner testimonial

I am seriously surprised about the relationship I now have with exercise and food. In bigger news, I now fit into a shirt I haven’t been able to wear for 4 years.

Rodney Seidner

Simon Schenkel testimonial

I really want to say a big thanks – I couldn’t have lost 12kgs in 12 weeks without the program. It has got me up and about and I’m feeling so much better than I did before I started. Serious life-changer!

Simon Schenkel

Jarod Kaplan testimonial

Hero has been an absolute life changer for me. I came to this program 8 months after my daughter was born. I was exhausted, overweight and struggling to make the wellbeing changes I knew I needed – I was stuck. I turned to Paul and Dan for support after seeing the real-life results that previous Hero graduates had achieved and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The results have been incredible!

Jarod Kaplan

Dan Sultan testimonial

I’ve reached a point where I’m feeling so much better about where I’m at in a very long time. Probably ever! Inside and out. Thanks for all your help Paul and Dan, the journey has been truly amazing and life changing.

Dan Sultan

Shawn Goldberg testimonial

It was the best decision I made. I transformed my body and was able to cope with a growing family and business. Having Paul and Dan by my side made fatherhood a breeze.

Shawn Goldberg

Clinical Psychologist
Dom O'Brien testimonial

The main thing I was looking for was accountability and they delivered that in SPADES! It is like having your own private cheer squad at your fingertips! I lost 9kgs in 12 weeks! I can’t thank Dan and Paul enough and if you too are a busy dad considering making some health and lifestyle changes, I would say, JUST DO IT! These guys will make it work for you and if you put in, you will get it back 10-fold!

Dom O’Brien

Marketing Manager
Joel Player testimonial

The journey has elevated my understanding of taking care of myself through food, training and self calmness. The Hero team has been there to support me throughout the journey to guide and shape me the way I needed. With 10kgs lost in 10 weeks, I could not be happier.

Joel Player

Building and Design Consultant
Rahul Gosain testimonial

Paul and Dan, I can’t thank you guys enough for everything you have done. So good to connect with you guys on such a regular basis and find solutions to any challenges. You really do offer amazing support and advice.

Rahul Gosain

Dano Ransom testimonial

Overweight and unmotivated, my surfing was suffering! I had a call with Dan and he told me about his lifestyle program Hero and its structure surrounding the creation of good daily habits, I decided to give it a crack. The magic happened straight away because of the time effective approach. AlI I needed was 20 minutes a day using my own body weight, Easy. Then the diet accountability aspect, they were on me till I got it in order! I had a huge turnaround over 12 weeks, it’s now a lifestyle with Paul and Dan as my mentors. I surf better than ever and everyone is commenting on my transformation!

Dano Ransom

Nick Pape testimonial

I’m in my 14th week and continue to love the support Dan and Paul have given me. Dan and Paul have identified and created an awesome program for getting Dads to where they want to be physically, emotionally and mentally. It is a very holistic program where they both have your back and immediately delivers value within a week. The weekly check-ins, daily chats combined with the nutrition, workout training and 1:1 approach make this an invaluable program for a Dad. Can’t recommend it enough.

Nick Pape

Digital Marketing Manager
David Warne testimonial

I’m unstoppable now! On top of my sense of well being… my new sense of control, my new level keeled high and steady positive energy levels… my solid happy wife and family… I’m feeling incredibly grateful… and lucky. I’m feeling that my future looks brighter and more fun and optimistic and adventurous than I did just a month or two ago… I feel I have a lot to give… I feel like I’m a really great dad. You did ask!!!

David Warne

Logistics Manager
Andrew Blode testimonial

Over the years my weight has increased. There have been many attempts to reverse this trend but ultimately, I have failed. I started the Hero program on New Years Eve and in 12 weeks I lost 8 kgs! I’m amazed! The results speak for themselves. Paul with his weekly encouragement, suggestions and passion was the difference. The impact has been life changing. Well done Paul and Dan!

Andrew Blode

Sylvan Browne testimonial

When I met Paul my health was pretty good but I felt a bit fragile. Due to my work, I would sit for long hours and my back would bother me. I felt like I could easily injure myself if I did anything active with my two boys.Paul really paid attention to helping me develop strength and mobility and was great at changing things up to keep things interesting. Overall, I now feel more knitted together and more physically robust and powerful. I have confidence to muck around and wrestle with my boys and maybe even show off to my wife here or there. I definitely gained muscle, although that wasn’t really the goal. It has improved my self-confidence too

Sylvan Browne

Patent Attorney
Dean Auslender testimonial

You guys are legends! I’ve dropped 7kgs in 12 weeks and I feel a million bucks. I just have a great sense of clarity when it comes to what I eat, what I drink and how I approach stressful situations. I am sleeping better and feel much more at ease. Thank you!

Dean Auslender

Cesar Gonzalez testimonial

I am more aware of what I eat, more aware of my body, thanks to Dan, Paul and the Hero program. Their holistic approach to health is amazing! It’s all about little wins that day by day add up to achieving the overall goal. “A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single one-step.

Cesar Gonzalez

Matthew Brennan testimonial

I saw these guys pop up in my Facebook feed and scheduled a call. I decided to jump in with the goal to lose some weight before the end of the year, however, I feel I’ve achieved much more than just a bit of weight loss. In the last 12 weeks I have changed my lifestyle, habits and more importantly beliefs of what is possible for me. These guys are the real deal!

Matthew Brennan

Julian Feldman testimonial

Doing Hero has made me stronger, more energetic, more productive in my personal and professional life. As a chiropractor I thought I knew what it takes to stay in shape, but being accountable and consistent has made a big difference. I couldn’t be happier that I made the plunge. Thank you Paul and Daniel for the support and opportunity! Highly recommend this program!

Julian Feldman

Ben Rood testimonial

I must admit that I was initially motivated by numbers. But as I became more entrenched in the program, that focus quickly shifted. Although I was thrilled with my final weight loss stats, that’s not how I judge my success in the program. Instead, I judge my success by knowing that I’m happier, that I’m stronger, that I’m a better father and husband, that I’m a better me.

Ben Rood

Daniel Baraquiel testimonial

It has been up and down but I can’t deny that I’m in a much better place than when I started. Thanks, Paul and Dan.”

Daniel Baraquiel

Social Worker
Kent Björklund testimonial

Wow, this program was so important for me during a period of my life when I really, really needed personal support to gain back my physical strength again. Key for me was the personal support on a daily basis and the customised program for my personal situation. Wonderful to use the app for instructions and to watch the exercises which was very helpful. Today I am in much, much better shape and have more energy to handle life. Thank you for everything🙏😀 and I highly recommend this program!

Kent Björklund

Joel Sloane testimonial

I feel great. I am buzzing with energy and killing it at work. Thank you Paul and Dan for your guidance and unique approach to fitness training and healthy living. You have offered some awesome tactics to maintain my new healthy habits. Super grateful for your support.

Joel Sloane

Meetal Dutta testimonial

You guys have inspired me. I clearly see the impact my lifestyle choices have on my family.

Meetal Dutta

Property Developer
Nick Kokovitis testimonial

About 13 weeks ago I was scrolling through Instagram when an interesting advertisement caught my eye. A wellness program for busy fathers. At that point, I was around 96kg. After signing up, 3 months later, I am down to 88kg, eating as well as I ever have, exercising daily, my family life has NEVER been better and I’m learning to love myself again. After the first chat with Daniel, I knew this could be a life-changer. I cannot recommend this program enough. It does not make outlandish claims of quick turnarounds or miracle transformations.

Nick Kokovitis

Mark Shulman testimonial

I was able to lose excess weight whilst putting on lean muscle and increasing my energy levels. My productivity at work increased dramatically too. I also noticed that my sleep had never been better.

Mark Shulman

Dean Kuran testimonial

Hero is a blessing for so many men – myself included. Thank you, and thank you again for all your unconditional support.

Dean Kuran

Creative Technology Leader
Sam Faraj testimonial

Since working with Dan and Paul, I have made significant changes to every area of my life and created new positive habits that are inbuilt and feel like they are just part of who I am now. I tried to make these changes for years but I could never sustain them. Somehow with their support, encouragement and guidance, I am making healthy choices with my nutrition, I am communicating better with my family and I have finally managed to find time to bring daily exercise into my life.

Sam Faraj

Phil Retman testimonial

Can’t believe how quickly that first 12 weeks went! Feeling and looking amazing! Things starting to fall into place from the first week and I haven’t looked back. Thank you both for your support and efforts! It has quite literally changed my life for the better!!

Phil Retman

Business Owner
Henry Dingle testimonial

The best decision I made in at least 10 years for my body and health – to commit to the Hero programme! Back pain is much reduced and I feel fit, strong and energised for the first time in years; growing in upper body strength (which I have never had) for further decades of surfing, football and cricket with the kids. Easy for me to stay accountable through the app with Dan & Paul’s absolutely perfect support, 250 workouts and counting having never been in a gym or worked out in my life….! Reach out to these guys, you owe it to yourself and your long-term health to do it RIGHT NOW!

Henry Dingle

Academic Mentor