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Over Eat Much?

People often ask us how to control their portion sizes and compulsive eating. Is over-eating something you are prone to? Does it feel challenging to say no to a second helping? Are you the kind of person that has to finish everything on your plate?

Here are our top tips for managing your portion sizes.

  1. Eat slowly
  2. Use a smaller plate
  3. Fill half of your dinner plate with vegetables or salad
  4. Take a portion size you are happy with and don’t go back for seconds
  5. Freeze or chill left-overs right away so you are not tempted to go back for more
  6. Drink water before your meal
  7. Ask for a half portion when eating out
  8. Put your cutlery down after every bite

Our Hero program is loaded with tips and tricks to help sustain healthy eating habits immediately and for the future. If you want to know more about our all-encompassing health, fitness and lifestyle program Schedule a time to speak with one of our coaches today. We are ready to rock your world.

I was able to lose excess weight whilst putting on lean muscle and increasing my energy levels. My productivity at work increased dramatically too. I also noticed that my sleep had never been better.

Mark Shulman