Shawn Goldberg testimonial

Having a Guide by Your Side Is Everything

We love hearing from our clients, especially when they share with us the benefits of our Hero program.

Clinical Psychologist, Shawn said, “It was the best decision I made. I lost 7kgs in 10 weeks and I transformed my body. I was able to cope with a growing family and business. Having Paul by my side made fatherhood a breeze.

What a gift it is to serve dads who are feeling overwhelmed, under pressure, over tired and time poor. We work with such a wide variety of clients and yet our proven training program always delivers results. 

So, if you’re a dad who wants to know how to get motivated to exercise and lose weight and who is keen to learn more about how to feel empowered at home and work and engage with a one on one coach who is there with you every step of the way then book your free Breakthrough Call and let us guide you like we have guided so many other dads.

You guys are legends! I’ve dropped 7kgs in 12 weeks and I feel a million bucks. I just have a great sense of clarity when it comes to what I eat, what I drink and how I approach stressful situations. I am sleeping better and feel much more at ease. Thank you!

Dean Auslender