Build healthier habits

Get Unstuck!

For me, it was many years of blind stumbling. Two steps backward for every one step forward as I continued to learn, improve and ultimately thrive.  

I developed this Hero program because I deeply care about helping others in a similar situation to myself. Ultimately, I want only for every busy dad to experience what I have the great fortune of continuing to experience myself, day in, day out.

Hero is about using your limitations to your advantage. I have been playing with this system for quite some time and through years of trial and error, I have now built a proven system that always gets results. Fact!

You don’t have to be stuck. Whether you dream of losing excess weight, eating well or enjoying boundless energy, day and night, you deserve to enjoy the best life. 

I say, no obstacle is too insurmountable. And it’s never too late.

I believe in Hero and stand behind it 100%. Remember massive change always begins with a moment of decisive action. Let’s get unstuck! Book a time and Let’s talk today!

The best decision I made in at least 10 years for my body and health – to commit to the Hero programme! Back pain is much reduced and I feel fit, strong and energised for the first time in years; growing in upper body strength (which I have never had) for further decades of surfing, football and cricket with the kids. Easy for me to stay accountable through the app with Dan & Paul’s absolutely perfect support, 250 workouts and counting having never been in a gym or worked out in my life….! Reach out to these guys, you owe it to yourself and your long-term health to do it RIGHT NOW!

Henry Dingle

Academic Mentor