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Commitment is Freedom

I’ve been doing time restricted eating for years and I love what it brings to my life – the joys and challenges, the physical benefits and the mental breakthroughs. Everything contributes to living a more fulfilling and energetic life. 

Sometimes the greatest benefits of a time restricted eating practice comes from the self satisfaction when I wake up each morning knowing that the day before I stuck to my commitment and prioritised my health rather than my 9pm sugar cravings! 

Time restricted eating can be an emotionally and physically intense endeavor. Ultimately you should always be working in support of your body and you should feel no pressure to push beyond what feels intuitively right.

At Hero, we are there to support you every step of the way. We use various nutrition approaches in our programs and what makes them successful is the support we offer to keep you on track. I’d love to connect on a Breakthrough Call and see how I can support your lifestyle physically, mentally and emotionally.

The journey has elevated my understanding of taking care of myself through food, training and self calmness. The Hero team has been there to support me throughout the journey to guide and shape me the way I needed. With 10kgs lost in 10 weeks, I could not be happier.

Joel Player

Building and Design Consultant