Henry Dingle testimonial

Busy Dad? Want a Lifestyle Overhaul?

Did you know 70% of dads say their stress levels considerably increased since becoming a father? Also, 79% of new dads believe they need to be ‘the rock for their family’ which often leads to overwhelm, loneliness and anxiety.

As dad’s ourselves, we know the challenges and unpredictable nature of parenthood and so we created Hero as a solution to the challenges we were personally facing with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Not only did we find skillful ways to empower fitness and strength training so that our dads can feel great but also simple lifestyle habits that can guide you to function more productively in your day to day life. We also have simple eating hacks to create more time in your day giving you a new found sense of energy and vitality. It works, we promise!

We really want to help you. So, if you’re a busy dad, a new dad or an older dad who is looking for a lifestyle overhaul reach out for a free consultation where we go deep into what is limiting your ability to be the Hero of your family.

Since working with Dan and Paul, I have made significant changes to every area of my life and created new positive habits that are inbuilt and feel like they are just part of who I am now. I tried to make these changes for years but I could never sustain them. Somehow with their support, encouragement and guidance, I am making healthy choices with my nutrition, I am communicating better with my family and I have finally managed to find time to bring daily exercise into my life.

Sam Faraj