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5 Simple Meal Prep Hacks

You’ve probably heard of meal prep before. You may have even dabbled in it but not really found your groove. I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to take up your entire Sunday. It’s all about small simple changes to your current system so you can ease the load and relax on weeknights.

Here are five meal prep hacks you can test out. You don’t need to implement them all at once. Just taking one on can be a game changer! Try one this week and try another the week after. It’s all about exploring ways to simplify your life and enjoy more free time with your family.

Shop online

How much time do you spend driving to and from the supermarket, wandering the aisles looking for what you need? Such a waste of your time when there is a solution like online shopping! Once you’ve done your first order, you can go back each week and pick the same items at lightning speed from your previous list. Either have it delivered at a convenient time or click and collect.

Tip: Some supermarkets have their own apps so you can add to your online basket throughout the week and save even more time. Like a really practical shopping list.


Prep It


Buy meat in larger quantities and slice it all up at once, then freeze what you don’t need that week in portioned meal size bags.


Pre-chop and grate veggies to store in the fridge/freezer, or take the shortcut and buy the pre-cut/spiralised from the supermarket. You can add these quickly to stir-fries, curries and soups; eat them raw, or steam them. The goal is to make your fridge look like a salad bar so you can easily mix-and-match when you come to assemble dinners.


Batch-cook grains, then cool and freeze. They are an easy way to add nutrition and bulk to any meal especially salads

Double it

When preparing a meal, double-up the ingredients and freeze the spare single serves. Defrost overnight in the fridge and pop into a bowl to heat and eat.

Cook once, eat many times.

Plan it

Like to be organised? Stick a planner on the fridge so you know ahead of time what you’ll be pulling out for dinner. It takes the mental load off during the week when inspiration is low.

Not a morning person?

Breakfast can be just as challenging when you’re all trying to get out of the door on time. Try my soaking oats overnight and spoon into bowls when you wake up or pre-boil your eggs and throw in a bowl with half an avocado and spinach. I love to keep my mornings simple and easy so I just have my water with lemon and a pinch of Himalayan salt to aid digestion.

Most importantly – keep it simple

Simple food assembled in different ways will make life so much easier when you’re juggling kids, work and lack of sleep. Mealtimes don’t need to be another headache – they’re time to enjoy delicious food together as a family.

Have a great week and let me know if you want to explore these tips and tricks as well as the many other ways we help busy dads build solid habits when it comes to exercise, health and nutrition. Why go it alone when we can do it together! Schedule a time to speak with one of our coaches today.

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