Online Hero Foundation Program

What Better Time Than Now!

So here’s the great thing about Hero – we cover everything you need as a dad to get you back to peak health and fitness. 

That’s what makes us different, we don’t just give you a couple of fancy exercises and say “Good luck!”

We go through everything you need to lose excess weight, gain back energy and vitality, enjoy benefits of work-life balance and build a solid relationship with food. We’ll go through a step-by-step proven system and you’ll do it with me guiding you through the entire process.

Here’s the reality. Most people lack motivation, especially when they are busy.

So, in our fathering programs what we do is provide unlimited support so when the going gets tough we are there guiding you to keep going. Plus, the added benefit of an at home training program gives you so much more of a chance to get your workout done whilst creating space for your partner to enjoy some much needed personal time. What a gift.

If you’re a dad who’s been sitting on the sidelines quietly (suffering) observing but secretly wanting to build a strong health and fitness foundation, realise that while you’ve been sitting, watching, and wondering “What if?”, other people are actually doing and transforming their lives as a result.

So this is your invitation – Schedule a time to speak with one of our coaches today! It’s free and may just transform your life.

Overweight and unmotivated, my surfing was suffering! I had a call with Dan and he told me about his lifestyle program Hero and its structure surrounding the creation of good daily habits, I decided to give it a crack. The magic happened straight away because of the time effective approach. AlI I needed was 20 minutes a day using my own body weight, Easy. Then the diet accountability aspect, they were on me till I got it in order! I had a huge turnaround over 12 weeks, it’s now a lifestyle with Paul and Dan as my mentors. I surf better than ever and everyone is commenting on my transformation!

Dano Ransom