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Want Your Energy Levels to Soar?

What is the NEAT principle?

Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis – a fancy way of describing incidental exercise. We are always burning energy whether we are exercising or resting, it is just expended at different rates. This is referred to as Thermic Effect of Physical Activity (TEPA).

As dads, it is crucial to be creative with how and when we exercise. Our bodies were designed to perform exercise throughout the day, not just in a refined window, this is just a modern approach that is convenient for busy lifestyles. However, Hero has found a way to incorporate the NEAT principle into daily life so as a dad you get the benefits of structured exercise as well as spontaneous energy surges sprinkled throughout the day. We have found that our clients energy levels, as well as their metabolism, soar when applying this simple principle.

So next time you have a meeting at work, make it a walking meeting. Next time you drive to work, ride instead and if you train to work, get off a stop early so you can walk. Little hacks like these are what you will find in our Hero program and best of all you will have support every step of the way.

If you want to know how to upgrade your approach to daily exercise book your free Breakthrough Call here and we will share with you the simple but powerful ways we can help improve your fitness and health.

When I met Paul my health was pretty good but I felt a bit fragile. Due to my work, I would sit for long hours and my back would bother me. I felt like I could easily injure myself if I did anything active with my two boys.Paul really paid attention to helping me develop strength and mobility and was great at changing things up to keep things interesting. Overall, I now feel more knitted together and more physically robust and powerful. I have confidence to muck around and wrestle with my boys and maybe even show off to my wife here or there. I definitely gained muscle, although that wasn’t really the goal. It has improved my self-confidence too

Sylvan Browne

Patent Attorney