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To Quit or Not to Quit

Here are some interesting stats about New Year’s Resolutions.

‘Quitter’s Day’ in 2019 was January 18th because less than three weeks into a New Year’s Resolution, over 80% of people quit!

Interestingly, 88% of people who participate in goal setting with personalised support and community, enjoy long term success with the complete realisation of all their goals.

I just wanted to write about this today because it is holiday season and maybe for you, New Year’s Resolutions are being considered or planned. We want you to reach your goals! So let’s connect on a Breakthrough Call and explore where you are at and where you want to go in 2020.

The best decision I made in at least 10 years for my body and health – to commit to the Hero programme! Back pain is much reduced and I feel fit, strong and energised for the first time in years; growing in upper body strength (which I have never had) for further decades of surfing, football and cricket with the kids. Easy for me to stay accountable through the app with Dan & Paul’s absolutely perfect support, 250 workouts and counting having never been in a gym or worked out in my life….! Reach out to these guys, you owe it to yourself and your long-term health to do it RIGHT NOW!

Henry Dingle

Academic Mentor