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So You Want To Be An Ironman?

Daniel here from Hero. Just wanted to share my experience with training for a Half Ironman. December, 31st, 2018, I decided to do something epic. Train and compete in a half Ironman. A classic New Years goal, right!? Not something I am used to doing but I wanted to do something BIG, physically and mentally challenging that would push me out of my comfort zone. 

Here is how I broke it all down:

Step One

FIND A COACH. Pat, was my man and he gave me a weekly program to follow plus expert advice when it came to training, recovery and planning. 

Step Two 

FIND A COMMUNITY. Through reaching out to some friends, I found a team where we not only trained together but we supported, motivated and lifted each other up. This was essential because I came into the training with no experience, so I definitely needed the encouragement when things got intense! 

Step Three

TRAIN! What a lifestyle choice this was!  Six days a week, whilst building a business, coaching my clients every day, making time for my six month old daughter Lula and helping my wife out as much as I can. 

Everyone kept asking me, “How do you find the time to train?” My answer, “There is always time, you just need to be resourceful and committed and have a very understanding wife!” 

Step Four

PROGRAM. Following a bulletproof program that has worked for others and guaranteed to take me from an occasional endurance trainer to a half Ironman, ready in six months. 

So, the system was in place, I had a coach, a community, a program and training practices. I set my goal for the half Ironman in Cairns and when I arrived at the start line, I just felt so ready, I knew that I had followed the system that had worked for thousands of others who had successfully completed a half Ironman. Over the last six months I had committed to early nights, early mornings, a healthy eating plan and prioritising the training over many other opportunities. Before even racing I felt like I had already accomplished my goal because I made it to the starting line.  

The actual event was a wild experience of excitement, beauty, discomfort, empowerment, struggle, comradery, heat, exhaustion and humidity but most importantly fun! 

At Hero, we offer four simple steps to guarantee your success. Want to know more about our proven system? Schedule a time to speak with me today! 

Result: Completion in 5:59:31, my goal 6:00:00 hours. Boom!

I reached out to Paul and Daniel four months into fatherhood. My diet, exercise regime and overall healthy lifestyle was non-existent. I joined the Hero Program and reached my target goal in 6 weeks. Both Paul and Daniel held me accountable throughout the entire process and mentored me every step of the way. It’s refreshing to know that there are other like minded fathers out there that can give you the guidance and discipline to get your healthy lifestyle back on track!

Rodney Grof