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Role Modelling

Did you notice that your kids don’t do as you say, they do as you do! This reality makes me want to be an example of healthy living and eating and an example of good energy and presence for my daughter, Eadie. The only way to empower these qualities in her is by committing to them myself and practicing each and every day, wholeheartedly and without compromise. 

Having support and a tribe has made it easier for me to become accountable for my lifestyle choices. When I developed Hero, I realised that what we bring to the table more powerfully than anything else I have seen is support and accountability coaching. 

Role modelling for our children is an honour and privilege but sometimes it’s hard and challenging. So, why go at it alone when you can do it with a personal coach and a tribe of dads? I’d really love the chance to connect on a Breakthrough Call where we can go long and deep into where you are feeling the struggle and how we can support you every step of the way. What one man can’t do alone, we do it together.

I am more aware of what I eat, more aware of my body, thanks to Dan, Paul and the Hero program. Their holistic approach to health is amazing! It’s all about little wins that day by day add up to achieving the overall goal. “A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single one-step.

Cesar Gonzalez