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How Do You Treat Your Body in the Morning?

If you ask your grandparents how they started their car first thing in the morning you might be surprised by their answer. They were forced to be patient and warm the engine up slowly before beginning their journey. If they didn’t, the engine would suffer. There is a lot that we can learn from the way people used to treat their cars when it comes to the way we currently treat our body and digestive system. 

I used to wake up and have a shot of coffee first thing in the morning. I’m sure I am not alone, right?  We tend to treat our body like a brand new Porsche and just floor it as soon as we rise but is that what our body really needs? This intense explosion of energy first thing in the morning can have very similar effects on our digestive system (your engine). So, when I learned about the benefits of flushing my entire system with some lukewarm filtered water and a little lemon, it gave me an opportunity to kick start my body in a new way.

Drinking water first thing in the morning might seem like an overly simplistic solution to some complex digestive problems but it’s a great place to start. The way I look at these rituals are that they don’t require much effort or energy to execute. The pay off though could be huge (I know it was for me) and neglecting them is just being lazy (or at least that was the case for me). 

Tomorrow morning, wake up and have a tall glass of lemon water. Throughout the day notice your energy levels and notice your mental clarity. Such a simple practice, yet such profound results. It is the best morning routine for success and it is so effortless. 

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When I met Paul my health was pretty good but I felt a bit fragile. Due to my work, I would sit for long hours and my back would bother me. I felt like I could easily injure myself if I did anything active with my two boys.Paul really paid attention to helping me develop strength and mobility and was great at changing things up to keep things interesting. Overall, I now feel more knitted together and more physically robust and powerful. I have confidence to muck around and wrestle with my boys and maybe even show off to my wife here or there. I definitely gained muscle, although that wasn’t really the goal. It has improved my self-confidence too

Sylvan Browne

Patent Attorney