Daniel Ironman

Help! I need somebody. Help! Not Just anybody. Help!

I just wanted to write a follow up piece to my last blog, So you want to be an Ironman. I was reflecting on how much resistance I experienced in asking for support and guidance. 

In the beginning I tried to train on my own, however, there was a sense that I just wasn’t reaching my full potential. I knew I could be more focused, more productive and get better results but I didn’t know the best way to go about it. 

I had friends who had coaches and I saw in them the results that I wanted for myself. After many conversations I knew I just had to test out asking for help. As soon as I made the call to my coach I realised what a game changer this was. I almost instantly became quicker, fitter, stronger and was able to keep up with my mates. My coach showed me how to use less energy both physically and mentally and guided me to be more intelligent with fitting everything in.  

This is exactly how we do things at Hero. We have expert coaches who personally guide you through every day of our 12 week program, ensuring that you are on the easy road to achieving your goals. If you have less time to train, we see that as an opportunity. We make your precious minutes count in the most strategic and functional way. Nothing is a limitation for us and you will see that for yourself too.

Finding it hard to eat right? We keep things simple and time efficient. We know you are busy. We know you want to lose weight. We know you want to enjoy eating! We all do! Our coaches will guide you through an effortless and proven eating plan that will get you the results.

Feeling alone and helpless and a bit shattered by the many failed attempts to get back on track? We have unlimited support on offer from our coaches. Day and night you will have everything you need. We guarantee your success because we have taken countless dads through our program and so far 100% of them have achieved their goals.

So if you want to take the most direct route to the summit of your health and well being, quickly, schedule a time to speak with me today!  I am ready and keen to get you on the road to healthy living. Why do it alone when we can do it together.

You guys have inspired me. I clearly see the impact my lifestyle choices have on my family.

Meetal Dutta

Property Developer