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Creating a Habit

There are days where I jump out of bed full of zest and positivity and then there are the days where I want to snooze all morning because I feel sluggish and lazy. Of course, jumping out of bed when I feel good is easy and joyful to do but it’s getting myself out of bed on those sluggish mornings that make me a better person. Taking action no matter how negative or uncomfortable I feel. That is what pushes me to grow.

Creating a new positive habit for yourself can be a challenge initially and feel a bit uncomfortable and unnatural. Just like putting on a new pair of shoes. Your old shoes feel so comfortable as they have molded to your feet but they have holes in them and no longer support you. Your new shoes take a bit of time to wear in but soon enough you don’t notice you are even wearing them. Much like creating a new habit, after a few weeks, a new habit is created and becomes effortless. 

So many dads I have coached have been trying to change old habits for years and with no success. At Hero, we have seen that it is the personal support from a coach who has gone before you and accountability that makes all the difference. It can take time to change a bad habit so why try to do it alone when it is so much easier to get results when you have support. 

So, if you feel like you could use some support on your way to creating more positive and healthy habits book your free Breakthrough Call to hear about our proven system that will make permanent changes possible.

I really want to say a big thanks – I couldn’t have lost 12kgs in 12 weeks without the program. It has got me up and about and I’m feeling so much better than I did before I started. Serious life-changer!

Simon Schenkel