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Let’s Get Down to Business

The biggest and hardest lesson is that our family and friends will be inspired more by our actions and examples rather than small talk, education or career path. I see in my own life how being a living example of Hero is what matters most. 

I always thought that my family and friends would love and respect me more if I had this car, this job, this amount of money, you get the picture… And if they love me more then surely that will mean that I will also love me more. Thankfully I have realised that fulfillment, purpose, life satisfaction and inspiration all comes down to living and breathing my own values. Success is an effortless byproduct of being true to yourself. 

If you feel like the balance is out of whack. I’d love to share my program with you. It is designed for dads by dads and empowers not only great fitness and eating habits but lifestyle habits too. My team offers free Breakthrough Calls where we take a deep dive into your life and find customised ways to unlock your potential to be a Hero in your world. Let’s do this!

I am more aware of what I eat, more aware of my body, thanks to Dan, Paul and the Hero program. Their holistic approach to health is amazing! It’s all about little wins that day by day add up to achieving the overall goal. “A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single one-step.

Cesar Gonzalez